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Treasures of the Deep

In this story, a deep sea diver falls in love with a mermaid. Will he fall for her? Or will he follow his original plan?


I wanted to convey a love story without words, and think I succeeded pretty well. This was written to accompany a soothing muscial soundtrack.

The Fisherman and His Wife

One of Grimm's lesser known fairy tales, it's the story of a fisherman, a magic fish, and his greedy wife.


I added the character of the cat to further illustrate some of the economic shifts that the couple goes through.


The tension in this story is fantastic. I modified some parts to increase the tension even further. 

Pillow Fight

Two boys have a pillow fight before going to bed; but after they are asleep, the pillows come to life and continue the battle throughout the house.


Using various household objects for weapons---a mixer, a vacuum, a tennis racket--- Puff and Stuff continue their epic battle throughout the night


This concept hearkens back to the classic cartoons of Chuck Jones, Tex Avery, and MGM's award winning Tom & Jerry.

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