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Biblio-Decka is a custom card deck based on characters and books from the bible. You can play regular card games with the deck, or a special game for the deck titled "Play the Jesus Card."

The starter pack has 4 suits, like a regular deck of cards. The full set has 12 suits, each based on a book of the bible. Each suit has 4 face cards of characters from that book--Jack, Prophet, Queen and King. 


Biblio-Decka is not yet available for purchase. I ran a kickstarter awhile back and didn't quite meet my goal, so now I'm waiting until I have enough money to just print the decks on my own. 

Further description of the game can be found below!



Classic American card decks have four suits--hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. Other Eurpean decks include symbols such as leaves and acorns. I thought, why not create original suits, using symbols that match the various books in the bible?

In order to limit the color palette, we made books that are the same genre the same color. Books of the law are red; history books are orange; poetry is yellow; prophecy is green; the gospels are blue, and the epistles are purple. 



numeric cards 01.png

Check out our face cards! 48 face cards in total. Character descriptions are coming.

numeric cards 02.png

There are also 120 numeric cards in the full deck of Biblio-Decka, each with a corresponding scripture verse!

burning bush.png

Genesis/ Apples

Even though we don't know what the actual forbidden fruit was in the Garden of Eden, there is a long tradition of associating apples with the fruit. Therefore apples seemed to be the perfect symbol for the Genesis suit.


Exodus/ Burning Bushes

The burning bush is where God first revealed himself to Moses, which makes it a great symbol for the book of Exodus.


Joshua/ Trumpets

In the book of Joshua the walls of Jericho fell when the Israelites blew their trumpets after marching around the city 7 times. A trumpet sound is a call to battle in the bible, and Joshua has many of those as he conquers the promised land.


Judges/ Gavels

The Judges of Israel were charismatic leaders whom God raised up to lead when there was no kind. It was a chaotic and difficult time for Israel, but God continued to deliver his people. Although it is doubtful that the Judges used gavels, it seemed an appropriate modern symbol to represent the book.


lamb 3 copy 2.png

Isaiah/ Lambs

Isaiah prophesied that the Messiah would be like a lamb lead to the slaughter. It's a powerful image that stands out among his writings, and seems like a fitting image for the book.



Jeremiah/ Potts

Jeremiah visited the house of the potter and also prophesied to Israel about how God is the potter and his people are the clay in his hands.


Matthew/ Lion

Historically the four gospels have been associated with the four living creatures of Revelation (which are also the four faces of the cherubim). Matthew has a focus on Jesus as the King of Israel, so I chose to match Matthew with the Lion, the king of beasts.


Mark/ Bull

Following the tradition of associating the Gospels with the four living creatures, Mark (the second gospel) is associated with the second beast, the bull; a powerful creature of action and service, which makes it an appropriate symbol of Mark, an action-packed gospel that focuses on Jesus's many acts of service healing the people and delivering them from demonic oppression.


Romans/ Chi-Rho

The Chi-Rho was an early symbol of Christ. It's made up of two Greek letters superimposed upon one another to form a cross. The Emperor Constantine famously had a dream in which he saw this image, and a voice said, “By this sign you shall conquer.” He then put the sign on the shields of his warriors, won the battle, and afterwards when he converted to Christianity, he stopped the persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire. 


1 Corinthians/ Corinthian Column

The city of Corinth was famous for an architectural design developed there, called the “Corinthian Column.” Due to the close association with the city of Corinth, I thought it to be an appropriate symbol for the book of 1 Corinthians.


bull copy 3.png
king solomon's knot.png
chi rho.png

Psalms/ Lyres

The lyre was a popular stringed instrument in the ancient world. It is mentioned in the book of Psalms repeatedly, and also in other ancient literature.



Proverbs/ King Solomon's Knot

In the Middle Ages when Celtic knotwork was a popular artform, there was a design known as King Solomon's Knot, which was said to contain all the wisdom of the universe. Tradition said it was passed down from Solomon. Although there is no evidence for this, it makes an appropriate symbol for the book of Proverbs.


FTF release party adv.jpg

Frank the Fork is an endless runner game that takes place in an apocalyptic kitchen.


When Frank's girlfriend, Cordelia Spoon, is kidnapped by the evil Sterling Butterknife, Frank races across a landscape of dirty dishes to rescue her. Along the way he encounters sludge creatures, rogue appliances, and various food monsters! 

The animation for the game is mostly complete. I had a friend working on the coding, but unfortunately after several restarts the project came to standstill. I would love to get the code written for this and publish the game at some point. 

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