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Project Clip Show 2020-2021

This is a clip show of the work I completed in 2020-2021. I did all of the animation, designed most of the characters and did all of the backgrounds.


Most of this reel is what is called "limited animation," due to the budgets of my clients on Upwork. It may seem choppy at points due to the lower frame rate, but it's a good example of the range of work I did that year.

Frank the Fork: Video Game

Frank the Fork is a video game that I created about a working-class fork running through an apocalyptic landscape of dirty dishes. (Sound is off)


Most of the animation for this game is complete, but I still need a programmer to make this a finished game.

Character DemoReel

This is my Character demo reel from when I finished college. It still has some nice examples of traditional animation, so I keep it on here; but at some point I need to update this!

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