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Character Designs

002_Pillow Fight_Preproduction Board ver
Pillow Fight

Concept: Two boys have a pillow fight. After they go to sleep the pillows continue the battle using household appliances as weapons.

Notice the two pillows are modeled after the personalities of the two boys.

To the right you will notice experiments with various artistic styles, including Hanna-Barbera, Butch Hartman, and Jim Davis.

The final models have turn-arounds and pose sheets, plus a full character line up.

Through the Looking-glass

I wanted to create my own version of the Alice in Wonderland Characters.


Here are the color scripts for a few of them. You'll notice that Alice has a more modern wardrobe. Her design was influenced somewhat by Warren Kremer's comic book art from the 1970's. 

Emotion Chart for Alice

Basic emotion chart here. I will probably expand it if I decide to work on a larger project with this character.

Monkey Wind

A traditional Phillipino folktale.

I had to design a monkey and the four winds of heaven for a professional storyteller. The challenge was to create four winds with distinct personalities.

See the full character line up in the upper right; the pose sheet and expressions for Monkey lower left; the pose sheet and turn around for the North Wind in the middle, and some earlier designs that were rejected by the client (lower right).

007_Ordinary_Critters_Preproduction Boar
Ordinary Critters

Before Zootopia came along, I wanted to create a society of working class animals in a blended anthropomorphic/ natural woodlands setting.


And then someone went ahead and beat me to it. (Sigh!). Anyway, here is my foray into the talking animal genre.

You'll probably notice by now that I have a pretty signature style; but I can draw in any style that you request.


Ask me for samples in a specific style and I will glad to provide them for you.

005 Final_Troll_1_002.jpg
Hungry Troll

Here we have a Hungry Troll, and my original rough drawings of his pose sheet. 

I loved the egg shape of Humpty Dumpty (earlier) and wanted to design a similarly shaped character.


I aimed for that weird but fun mix of scary and funny, and I think this character succeeds particularly well at that.

Monochrome Ghosts

This client wanted monochrome ghosts designed for a video game he was putting together.

I chose to give them each a unique style and background.


In a way I found the monochrome limitation to be liberating, forcing me to work around my traditional way of thinking about color and design.

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